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Working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District offers a unique opportunity to join an organization with one of the nation's most comprehensive and diversified civil works programs!

Covering a vast region in Oregon and southwestern Washington, the District operates locks and dams, manages flood risk with dams in the Willamette Valley, maintains navigable coastal rivers, and excels in hydropower generation. Notably, the District prioritizes environmental protection, restoration, fish and wildlife enhancement, and recreation, making it an attractive choice for those seeking impactful and multifaceted roles in civil engineering and environmental stewardship.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hires professionals in the following General Schedule (GS) career fields:  

0401 Biologist 0810 Civil Engineer
0401 Natural Resource Specialist 0817 Survey Technician
0408 Fish Biology 0819 Environmental Engineer
0482 Fishery Biologist 0830 Mechanical Engineer
0486 Wildlife Biology 0850 Electrical Engineer
0802 Engineering Technician 1102 Contracting Specialist
0808 Architect 1170 Realty Specialist
0809 Construction Control Tech./Rep. 2210 Information Technology/Management


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hires these professionals on the Wage Grade (WG) pay scale: 

2210 Information Technology/Management 3502 Laboring 5210 Rigging 5426 Lock & Dam Operating 5786 Small Craft Operator
2601- General Electronic Equipment Installation and Maintenance 3703 Welding 5301 General Industrial Equipment Maintenance 5701 General Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation 5788 Deckhand
2604 Electronics Mechanic 4102 Painting 5318 Lock and Dam Repairing  5703 Motor Vehicle Operating 5803 Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic
2606 Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic 4204 Pipefitting 5334 Marine Machinery Mechanic 5705 Tractor Operator 6907 Materials Handling
2610 Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic  4607 Carpentry 5352 Industrial Equipment Mechanic 5716 Engineering Equipment Operator  7401 General Food Preparation & Serving
2805 Electrician Installation 4701 General Maintenance & Operations Work  5401 General Industrial Equipment Operation 5725 Crane Operator  7404 Cooking
2810 High Voltage Electrician 4737 General Equipment Mechanic 5406 Utility Systems Operating 5729 Drill Rig Operator 7408 Food Service Working
3414 Machining 4742 Utility Systems Repairing 5407 Electric Power Controlling  5782 Ship Operator  
3501 General Services & Support Work  4749 Maintenance Mechanic 5409 Water Treatment Plant Operating 5784 Riverboat Operator  


The Northwestern Division hosts the Hydropower Internship Program that recruits, hires and trains maintenance engineers to staff the technical sections at the multipurpose hydroelectric power plants in the Pacific Region of NWD in the Federal Columbia River Power System.

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The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers may consider applicants for in-demand career field vacancies at any time under this special hiring authority.  Anyone wishing to be considered should submit a resume, transcripts (official or unofficial) and (optional) statement of interest to here.  Resume must include detailed experience.  Failure to provide a transcript will result in non-consideration.

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