Contracting Division

The Portland Contracting Division is made up of the following four branches to respond to our customers' requirements:

• Construction
• Supply Services
• Special Projects Branch
• Business Oversight Branch

Mission: Provide the highest quality acquisition services to our customers on a timely and cost effective basis, while maintaining the public trust and fulfilling public policy objectives. As an integral member of project delivery teams, we serve as the catalyst in advancing effective acquisition planning, strategies, and innovative practices. We strive to continuously improve by using technology effectively and partnering with our customers. Customers’ needs, best value, maximum competition, compliance with applicable regulations and laws, and support of small business/socioeconomic programs are key in our endeavors to support the Portland District’s regional mission and interests.

Portland District supports civil works missions only.
Companies should visit Seattle District for military-specific opportunities in the northwest region.

Business With Us

System for Award Management (SAM)
Companies that want to do business with the U.S. government must register with SAM.  
SAM is an official U.S. government website.
There is no cost to use SAM.

Businesses can use SAM for the following functions: 
• Register with the U.S. government
• Update or renew of entity registrations
• Check status of en entity registration 
• Search for entity registration and exclusion records

SAM's Help section can answer common questions on using the site.  

Small Business Office Program
Portland District’s Small Business Office provides continuous outreach, opportunity listings, contracting/subcontracting information and training related to the district’s acquisition program execution.