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Working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Portland District offers a unique opportunity to join an organization with one of the nation's most comprehensive and diversified civil works programs!

Covering a vast region in Oregon and southwestern Washington, the District operates locks and dams, manages flood risk with dams in the Willamette Valley, maintains navigable coastal rivers, and excels in hydropower generation. Notably, the District prioritizes environmental protection, restoration, fish and wildlife enhancement, and recreation, making it an attractive choice for those seeking impactful and multifaceted roles in civil engineering and environmental stewardship.

Employee Benefits

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 Long-term Employee Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
    • Defined Benefit Plan
    • Social Security
    • Thrift Savings plan with govt match (similar to 401K)
    • Affordable Life Insurance (FEGLI)
    • Job Security
    • Career Growth Opportunities
    • Paid Training and Education
    • Reimbursement for professional licenses, certifications, and academic degrees.
 Personal Well-Being & Health Benefits
  • Affordable Health Benefits (FEHB)
  • Dental/Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Savings Account
  • Paid Leave to Donate Blood
  • Fitness & Health Program (up to 3 hours per week paid leave)
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave (12 weeks paid leave)
  • Long Term Care Insurance (FLTCIP)
 Professional Development

Engineer-in-Training Program - within HDC consists of structured education related to hydroelectric power design and construction across the nation, Corps of Engineers activities throughout the Northwest, and the mission of the Portland District. The program spans a 24-month time period, rotating assignments through various offices within the Portland District primarily and around the Corps. 

Leadership Development Program- Mid-career employees are afforded opportunities to attend leadership development programs, technical courses, and obtain professional certifications.

Army e-Learning – Over 3,500 FREE web-based courses in Information Technology, Business, Leadership, and Personal Development

Proponent Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT) - More than 200 job-related technical and professional courses. 


 Salary Information 

The Portland District Corps of Engineers follows the General Schedule (GS) pay scale for salary compensation. For specific salary rates and pay tables in Portland, you can refer to the official website provided by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Additionally, employees can expect annual pay increases as part of their compensation package.

 Work/Life Balance

Annual (Vacation) & Sick Leave – 13 days of sick leave per year and between 13 and 26 days of annual leave, contingent upon experience in accordance with years of federal service.

11 Paid Federal Holidays Annually

Army Childcare Fee Assistance

Student Loan Repayment Developmental Assignments

Schedule Flexibility and Remote Work possibilities

Honorary & Monetary Awards

World-Wide Deployment Opportunities

Travel Opportunities

Compensatory Time

Overtime & Credit Hours

Possible Paid Moving Expenses

Jobs Series/Career Fields

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 0025 Park Ranger

As the nation’s largest Federal provider of outdoor and water-based recreation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ more than 420 lake and river projects in 43 states provide more than 7,700 miles of land and water trail systems. Park rangers protect the nation’s natural recreation facilities and its visitors. Park Rangers provide support for the preservation of these natural resources by managing recreational grounds and educating visitors through environmental outreach programs. Park Ranger employees ensure the safety and enjoyment of USACE recreation facilities for visitors of all ages and help local students and citizens learn about the natural and man-made resources they manage.

 0401 Biologist

Biologists conduct surveys, studies, and assessments of various natural habitats and water resources. They ensure programs and environmental activities are in compliance with laws and regulatory programs, such as the Clean Water Act, the Rivers and Harbors Act, Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act, etc. USACE Biologists throughout the United States conduct activities to preserve wildlife and aquatic habitats, monitor nuisance vegetation and invasive species, and act as environmental consultants.

 0401 Natural Resource Specialist

The U.S. Corps of Engineers is the nation’s largest provider of outdoor and water-based recreation and with more than 456 parks in 43 states. Natural Resources Specialists develop and oversee activities designed to manage, conserve, protect and restore the nation’s land, water and wildlife resources. Natural Resources Specialists manage environmental programs and projects consistent with ecosystem management principles. Programs include management of fisheries, wildlife habitats, forestry, shoreline plans, reservoirs, and ensuring compliance and stewardship with environmental laws and regulations. 

 0408 Fish Biology

This series covers positions that involve primarily advisory, research, analytical, or other professional work in the science of ecology. Ecology utilizes a systems approach to study the interrelationships of organisms with each other, with their physical and chemical environment, and with society. Such relationships are considered primarily at the levels of individuals, populations, communities, and ecosystems. Ecologists analyze biological components and processes in the context of ecosystems including environmental factors, physical-chemical relationships, and social relationships. They use quantitative and systems analysis techniques to predict effects of planned or natural changes in ecosystems and to develop understanding of and solutions to ecological problems.

 0482 Fishery Biologist

This series covers positions that require professional knowledge and competence in the science of fishery biology to perform work: (1) developing, conserving, managing, and administering fishery resources; and (2) evaluating the impact of construction projects and other socioeconomic activities that present potential or actual adverse effects on fishery resources and their habitat. The work also requires an ability to determine, establish, and apply biological facts, principles, methods, techniques, and procedures that are necessary for the production and/or management of aquatic resources in their natural habitat and/or within facilities and systems that have been constructed for their benefit and public use.

 0486 Wildlife Biology

This series covers positions that require professional knowledge and competence in the science of wildlife biology to perform work involving: (1) the conservation, propagation, management, protection, and administration of wildlife species; or (2) the determination, establishment, and application of biological facts, principles, methods, techniques, and procedures necessary for the conservation and management of wildlife resources and habitats. The work requires professional knowledge of the distribution, habits, life histories, and classification of birds, mammals, and other forms of wildlife.

 0802 Engineering Technician

Engineering technicians provide technical assistance and support for USACE civil, military, and environmental projects.   Engineering technicians review project plans and specifications, forecast resource requirements, provide technical advice to inspectors, and gather pertinent technical data towards the completion of projects.

 0808 Architect

As the oldest and largest construction agency, The U.S. Corps of Engineers has designed and developed key historical structures throughout the United States.  Major developments by USACE include the Washington Monument, The Lincoln and Jefferson Memorial, headquarters of The American Red Cross, the Pentagon, and many other building projects.  Architects oversee the design, development and review of drawings, manuals, and specifications for various worldwide facilities.  Architectural projects include housing facilities, dining facilities, child development centers, hospitals, safety and protection criteria, and historical preservation. 

 0809 Construction Control Tech./Rep.

Construction control technicians inspect and monitor construction operations for compliance of contracts, scheduling, and quality assurance. These positions primarily review plans, materials and workmanship to ensure operations are executed in accordance with project specifications. Construction control technicians work in an inspector and representative capacity.

 0810 Civil Engineer

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is one of the world’s premier public engineering, design, and construction management agencies.  Civil engineers plan, design, construct, and maintain the nation’s water resources, Army installations, and numerous other Federal and local projects.  USACE civil engineering projects include the design and development of major highways, airfields, hospitals, laboratories, dams, levees, powerhouses, embankments, and various military installation facilities. 

 0817 Survey Technician

Survey technicians perform surveys on the layout and inspection of operations for civil building projects, natural disasters, and hydrographic and land based projects. Survey technicians collect field data to prepare navigational charts and sketch maps. Survey data collected is instrumental in the design and construction of major highways, waterways, facilities, and economical structures.

 0819 Environmental Engineer

As the nation’s environmental engineers, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages one of the largest federal environmental missions: restoring degraded ecosystems, constructing sustainable facilities, regulating waterways, managing natural resources, and cleaning up contaminated sites from past military activities.  Environmental engineers conduct assessments of existing facilities and infrastructure, environment habitats, resources and natural water systems to develop ways of mitigating degradation to the environment.

 0830 Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers design and construct mechanical systems utilized for major industrial, environmental, and architectural structures.  They restore the environment, repair and construct new machinery, pumping, piping, hydraulic systems, gas lines, heating, ventilation, and water treatment facilities.  USACE mechanical engineers also find new energy solutions for the future.

 0850 Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers design complex power systems utilized in major structures such as dams, signal circuits, electrical power installations, and power grids and systems.  They also design electrical systems for office building, dining facilities, maintenance shops, and hospitals. Electrical engineers seek out innovative electrical solutions for generations in the Army and the Nation.

 1102 Contracting Specialist

Contract specialists play an integral role in the formulation, acquisition, and execution of high value contracts for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects. Contract specialists serve as decision makers responsible for the proposal, negotiation, and awarding of contracts with government partners.

 1170 Realty Specialist

Realty specialists acquire, manage, and dispose of property relating to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Federal entities. Realty specialists oversee and perform global property negotiations with landowners to acquire and upgrade facilities; advise on cost and asset information for projects; and ensure transactions are executed in accordance with real estate policies and procedures. USACE realty programs include the Joint Facilities Recruiting Program, the Homeowners Assistance Program, BRAC acquisitions and disposal, and the Defense National Relocation Program.

 2210 Information Technology/Management

This series covers positions that manage, supervise, lead, administer, develop, deliver, and support information technology (IT) systems and services throughout USACE. The Information Technology Management Mission is comprised of a wide range of duties to include threat reduction, vulnerability reduction, deterrence, international engagement, incident response, resiliency, and recovery activities, including computer network operations, information assurance, diplomacy, military, and intelligence missions as they relate to securing the global information and communication infrastructure. 

 5426 Lock and Dam Operator

The U.S. Corps of Engineers owns and operates more than 600 dams located throughout the United States.  Lock and Dam operators are responsible for the operation of navigation lock and dam equipment and machinery to allow river traffic to pass through the locks. The work of lock and dam operators is essential in allowing water to pass between different levels of elevation between bodies of water, and in order to maintain pool levels.

Work With Us

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 Portland Job Opportunities

At the Portland District Corps of Engineers, we're not just shaping the future; we're engineering it! We are in search of professionals who can harness the power of innovation and cutting-edge technology to address critical issues not just in Portland, but across the nation and around the world. Your ideas and expertise will shape projects and initiatives that have a profound impact on our communities, environment, and national security.

Portland District vacancy announcements are advertised on USAJOBS, the Federal Government's official one-stop source for federal jobs and employment information. USAJOBS allows users to create and review resumes and supplemental data and submit and track applications. 


To apply on USAJOBS follow these four basic steps:

  1. Create an account and resume. 
  2. Search jobs.
  3. Apply for jobs.  
  4. Review your application status online.

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Internship Programs

The Northwestern Division hosts the Hydropower Internship Program that recruits, hires and trains maintenance engineers to staff the technical sections at the multipurpose hydroelectric power plants in the Pacific Region of NWD in the Federal Columbia River Power System.

Learn more about other USACE Internship programs

We're looking for interns for the summer of 2024 - find a position on this portal!

Direct Hire Authority

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers may consider applicants for in-demand career field vacancies at any time under this special hiring authority.  Anyone wishing to be considered should submit a resume, transcripts (official or unofficial) and (optional) statement of interest to usace.yellogov.com.  Resume must include detailed experience.  Failure to provide a transcript will result in non-consideration. Scan the QR code to submit a resume.