Aerial Photographs

The Portland District has been collecting aerial photographs of the Pacific Northwest since 1929. We typically have photos of most urban areas in Oregon from 1936 through 2004. This coverage also includes commercial, residential, agricultural, recreational and industrial properties along the majority of navigable waterways. Our cataloged collection contains about 275,000 aerial images in a wide variety of film types and scales. Our collection increases yearly with new Corps projects and missions.

Aerial Photo Fees: $24.00 per hour to research and retrieve photos
$2.50 per scanned photo

How to request Aerial Photos
The easiest way to request aerial photos is to create a KMZ or KML file with a polygonal area outlining your Area of Interest (AOI).
Google Earth and Marble are two free applications that can create KMZ files, but there are others as well.

How to create a KMZ file with Google Earth

  1. Open Google Earth and zoom into your Area of Interest (AOI)
  2. Select “Add Polygon” from the tools menu
  3. Set the “Name” field with your name + the AOI (e.g. John Doe AOI). Don't close the box
  4. Move your cursor to the map and begin selecting your border points. (NOTE: if you closed the polygon properties box, reopen it by right-clicking on the layer under “My Places” and selecting “Properties”)
  5. When you finish creating your polygon, click “OK” on the polygon properties box
  6. Create the KMZ file by Right-Clicking on the polygon under “My Places”
  7. Select “Save Place As” and name the file with your name + the AOI (e.g. John-Doe-AOI.kmz)
  8. Email the file(s) to

While KMZ files are the best way to request aerial photos, we can also accept image files that are large enough to clearly identify the AOI and surrounding areas.
You must also provide the location’s street address if applicable and the Latitude/Longitude coordinates.
If you are sending images instead of KMZ files we recommend you send two images:

  • IMAGE 1: A zoomed out image showing the area surrounding the AOI
  • IMAGE 2: A detailed image of the AOI

Phone: (503) 808-4820

Mailing Address: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Attention: CENWP-ENC-TG
P.O. Box 2946
Portland, OR 97208-2946

Mapping & Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Portland District GIS and Mapping section consists of physical scientists and geographers providing a wide range of interdisciplinary support services to technical offices in the District and to other agencies through partnerships.

We prepare a wide variety of cartographic mapping and engineering drawing products, and manage contracts, prepare specifications and guidelines, and work with contractors. We also acquire, analyze and interpret aerial photography, satellite imagery, and LIDAR.

We provide services in four distinct technical fields, including:
  • Geographic information systems, including GIS database development and analytical support.
  • Photogrammetric mapping and generation of digital terrain models, digital orthophotography, topographic contours and cross-sections.
  • Cartographic mapping and related products.

Phone: (503) 808-4856

Mailing Address: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Attention: CENWP-EC-TG
P.O. Box 2946
Portland, OR 97208-2946

Other District Services

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