The Portland District Regulatory Branch has jurisdiction over the state of Oregon, southern Washington ports and restoration projects in the Columbia River estuary funded by the Bonneville Power Administration.

The contact numbers below are for information related to our Regulatory Program, such as: questions about obtaining a permit for construction within or discharging material into a wetland or waterway; reporting illegal activity in a wetland or waterway; requesting a determination of jurisdiction over a wetland or other water, or other general Regulatory Program questions.

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Columbia River:
Bonneville Dam, The Dalles, John Day, Willow Creek
Rogue River Valley: Applegate, Elk Creek, Lost Creek
Willamette Valley: Big Cliff, Blue River, Cottage Grove, Cougar, Detroit, Dexter, Dorena, Fall Creek, Fern Ridge, Foster, Green Peter, Hills Creek, Lookout Point

Regulatory Contacts by County
BakerMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
BentonKirsten Hines • 541-465-6878
ClackamasKayla Woods • 503-808-4337
ClatsopKinsey Friesen • 503-808-4378
ColumbiaDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
CoosTyler Krug • 541-756-2097
CrookMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
CurryTyler Krug • 541-756-2097
DeschutesAlexandra Holecek • 541-297-9938
DouglasDarla White • 541-465-6894
GilliamDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
GrantMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
HarneyHalie Endicott • 503-744-1172
Hood RiverMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
JacksonKirsten Hines • 541-465-6878
JeffersonDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
JosephineAlexandra Holecek • 541-297-9938
KlamathDarla White • 541-465-6894
LakeAlexandra Holecek • 541-297-9938
LaneHalie Endicott • 503-744-1172
LincolnAlexandra Holecek • 541-297-9938
LinnKirsten Hines • 541-465-6878
MalheurHalie Endicott • 503-744-1172
MarionBrielle Cummings • 503-808-4387
MorrowMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
MultnomahTrey Fraley • 503-808-4632
PolkBrielle Cummings • 503-808-4387
ShermanDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
TillamookMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
UmatillaDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
Union • Michael Neal • 503-808-4380
WallowaMichael Neal • 503-808-4380
WascoDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
WashingtonRafael Orozco • 503-808-4959
WheelerDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
YamhillRafael Orozco • 503-808-4959


Kinsey Friesen (; (503) 808-4378) is the regulatory point of contact for all listed locations;
Port of Camas-Washougal, WA
Port of Chinook, WA
Port of Ilwaco, WA
Port of Kalama, WA  
Port of Klickitat, WA  
Port of Longview, WA
Port of Portland, OR  
Port of Ridgefield, WA  
Port of Skamania, WA
Port of Vancouver, WA
Port of Wahkiakhum, WA
Port of Woodland, WA  

To comment by e-mail on a public notice:
Send an email to the project manager named in the notice.

Public Notice mailing list subscriptions:
New subscriptions: Send us an email with the counties you want to receive updates on.
Update your subscription email address: Send us an email with your old and new email addresses.

Regulatory main phone number: 503-808-4373
Regulatory general email address:

Regulatory Agricultural email:
For questions about Regulatory related agriculture activities and agricultural properties.

Mitigation Bank and In-lieu Fee inquiries:
For questions related to starting a mitigation bank or in-lieu fee program.

To report a potential violation:
Please contact the Regulatory Project Manager for your county from the map above.

Mailing Addresses

Portland Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Attention: CENWP-OD-G
P.O. Box 2946
Portland, OR 97208-2946
  Eugene Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
211 East 7th Avenue, Suite 105
Eugene, OR 97401-2763
  North Bend Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
North Bend Field Office
2201 N Broadway, Suite C
North Bend, OR 97459


Other Contacts

  •  NEPA Subject Matter ExpertJoe Brock • 503-808-4377
  •  Regulatory archaeologistBrian Heil • 503-808-4382
  •  RGP-4 Pre-Construction NotificationsDanielle Erb • 503-808-4368
  •  RGP-6 Pre-Construction NotificationsKinsey Friesen • 503-808-4378
  •  Statewide ODOT permit coordinator (all five regions)Benny Dean Jr. • 541-465-6769
  •  Mitigation program managerMaya Goklany • 541-465-6877
  •  Mitigation Subject Matter Expert • Andrea Seager • 541-465-6882
  •  Portland, OR HarborTrey Fraley • 503-808-4632

Regulatory Chiefs
Portland District Regulatory branch chiefBill Abadie • 503-808-4370
Policy and Compliance section chief • Kate Mott • 503-808-4386
Portland section chiefMelody White • 503-808-4385
Eugene section chiefMelanie O'Meara • 541-465-6765