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MISSION STATEMENT: To sustain the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a premier organization in developing small businesses & maximizing their opportunities to participate in our procurements, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers to support the Corps of Engineers' mission and strengthen our nation’s economic development.

Upcoming Opportunities

Portland District DoDAAC: W9127N

Project Type Award Date Estimated Value Project Description Project Location
- Q1 20 - Lower Columbia River Projects Armed Security Services Lower Columbia River
- Q1 20 $10M Ceiling (2-5 awards) Planning & Environmental Studies MATOC NWP, NWS, NWW
- Q2 20 - John Day Submerged Traveling Screen Crane Replacement John Day
- Q2 20 - Big Cliff Intake Gantry Crane Big Cliff
- Q3 20 - Detroit Transformers Rehabilitation - Supply Detroit
- Q3 20 - Dexter Gantry Crane Dexter
- Q3 20 - Yaquina Maintenance & Repair Contract TBD
- Q3 20 - Essayons Maintenance & Repair Contract TBD
- Q4 20 - Bonneville Powerhouse 1 Trash Rack Bonneville
- Q4 20 - The Dalles Powerhouse Trash Rack The Dalles
- Q4 20 - Foster Turbine & Gen Rehab Foster
- Q1 20 $1M to $5M Bonneville PH1&2 Oil Storage Room Fire Protection Upgrades Bonneville
- Q2 20 $10M to $25M West Coast Hopper Dredging West Coast
- Q2 20 $1M to $5M TDA Gate Pit Repair Upgrades The Dalles
- Q3 20 $1M to $5M The Dalles Gate Repair Pit The Dalles
- Q3 20 $250K to $500K Detroit Elevator Modernization Detroit
- Q3 20 $500K to $1M Foster Weir Follow-on Foster
- Q3 20 $250K to $500K The Dalles Underground Storage Tank Removal The Dalles
- Q3 20 $250K to $500K The Dalles Powerhouse Vertical Lift Doors The Dalles
- Q3 20 $5M to $10M Foster Dam Electrical Reliability Upgrade Foster
- Q3 20 $1M to $5M Sprillway Rock Removal and B1 Forebay Dredge Bonneville
- Q3 20 $1M to $5M BN Spillway Gate Repair Pit Bonneville
- Q3 20 $1M to $5M John Day Grout Injection Drainage Gallery Repairs John Day
- Q3 20 $1M to $5M Columbia River Channel Improvements NWP
- Q4 20 $1M to $5M Bonneville Powerhouse 2 Elevators  Bonneville
- Q4 20 $250K to $500K Lost Creek Service Building Roof Replacement Lost Creek
- Q4 20 $1M to $5M Cougar Butterfly Valve Repl Cougar
- Q4 20 $1M to $5M The Dalles Tailrace Rail The Dalles
- Q4 20 $25M to $100M Coos Bay Jetty Rehab Coos Bay
- Q4 20 $1M to $5M Blue River Spillway Gate Painting  Blue River
- Q4 20 $10M to $25M John Day Dam HVAC Upgrades John Day
- Q4 20 $10M to $25M The Dalles Dam HVAC Upgrades The Dalles
- Q3 21 $1M to $5M Preferred AC/DC Improvements Bonneville Bonneville

Firms who feel they have been unfairly treated should contact:

Regulatory Enforcement Fairness
Office of the National Ombudsman
U.S. Small Business Administration
409 3rd Street
S.W., Washington, DC 20416

Tel: 886-734-3247


10/30/2019 – Portland District Industry Day – Camp Withycombe, Clackamas, OR
11/20/2019 – Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) National Small Business Conference – Dallas, TX