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This one-stop shopping site provides the information and resources for Oregon residents to improve individual and community responses to a flood and reduce risk to people and property. The information also is helpful for other natural disasters and emergencies.

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For more information, please visit the national Silver Jackets website or click on the agency links listed to learn about the role of each in flood risk management.

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Silver Jackets is a national initiative under the Corps' Flood Risk Management Program. The program provides communities with an opportunity to work with all appropriate state and federal agencies to develop localized and comprehensive flood risk management programs. The program uses state flood risk management teams as a critical tool to accomplish their mission.

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 Oregon Silver Jackets agencies
 The Corps' role in the Silver Jackets program
The Corps has the lead for all intergovernmental Silver Jacket teams in the U.S. As the lead agency for the Oregon Silver Jackets team, Portland District chairs all meetings, ensures all coordination and action items are complete, coordinates the signing of a team charter, etc. This lead role supports the Corps’ effort to link appropriate state and federal agencies to accomplish Oregon's flood risk management goals. The Corps hosts the national Silver Jacket site and Oregon's internal site for data sharing.