Public Notices

Peer review report: Willamette Floodplain Study

Published May 29, 2013

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is conducting an Independent External Peer Review of the March 2013 Willamette River Floodplain Restoration Study Draft Integrated Feasibility Report/Environmental Assessment for the Lower Coast and Middle Forks Subbasins.

Independent, objective peer review is regarded as a critical element in ensuring the reliability of scientific analyses. The IEPR was external to the agency and conducted following USACE and Office of Management and Budget guidance. This final report describes the IEPR process, describes the panel members and their selection, and summarizes the Final Panel Comments of the IEPR Panel.

Overall, 15 Final Panel Comments were identified and documented. Of these, 2 were identified as having high significance, 9 had medium significance, and 4 had low significance.