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Agenda: 2012 AFEP Review, Nov. 27-29

Anadromous Fish Evaluation Program
Published Nov. 9, 2012

The 2012 Anadromous Fish Evaluation Program Review will be held at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree Hotel in Portland, Ore., Tuesday through Thursday, Nov. 27-29, 2012. This event is free and open to the public; however, registration is required. Register by by Nov. 23, 2012, at: 


Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012


8:30    Opening Remarks by Col. John Eisenhauer, commander of the Portland District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


8:50    (Nichole Sather)    Variations in habitats and use by juvenile salmon in tidal freshwater: implications for evaluating restoration

9:10    (Gary Johnson)    An index of early life history diversity for Pacific salmon and steelhead

9:30    (Dick Ledgerwood)    Detection of pit-tagged fish using pair trawl and pile dike antenna systems in the Columbia River estuary

9:55    (Dan Bottom)    Estuary habitat and recovery of at-risk Columbia River salmon (session 1)

10:15    (Dan Bottom)    Estuary habitat and recovery of at-risk Columbia River salmon (session 2)

10:55    (Kate Buenau)    Development of a salmon estuarine habitat index

11:15    (Amy Borde)    Planning and management applications of wetland reference sites in the lower Columbia River and estuary

11:35    (Heida Diefenderfer)    An evidence-based assessment of the cumulative effects of tidal freshwater and estuarine ecosystem restoration: early life-stage habitat functions for endangered salmonids

11:55    (Andre Coleman)    A geospatial scientific database for the Columbia Estuary ecosystem restoration program

Avian Predation

1:15    (Dan Roby)    Avian predation on juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary: new developments in 2012

1:35    (Dan Roby)    Avian predation on juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary: new findings in 2012

1:55    (Jeannette Zamon)    Electronic recovery of passive integrated transponder tags on avian breeding colonies in the Columbia River Basin

2:15    (Nathan Zorich)    Monitoring avian predators at federal Columbia River power system dams: development and implementation of a standardized data collection protocol

2:35    (Bjorn van der Leeuw)    Pinniped predation at Bonneville Dam

Adult Studies

3:15    (Kenneth Ham)    Hydroacoustic evaluation of adult steelhead fallback and kelt passage at McNary Dam, winter 2011-2012

3:35    (Alison Colotelo)    Snake River steelhead kelt passage and survival through the FCRPS

3:55    (Mark Weiland)    Evaluation of steelhead kelt passage and survival through the lower Columbia River 

4:15    (Marshall Barrows)    Use of the mainstem Columbia River by Walla Walla Basin bull trout 


Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012

Passage and Survival

8:30    (Geoff McMichael)    Lower Snake River performance standards assessments 2012: experimental design and methods

8:50    (John Skalski)    Results of Snake River survival compliance studies for 2012

9:10    (Eric Oldenburg)    Little Goose Dam passage route and survival

9:30    (Ryan Harnish)    Lower Monumental Dam passage route and survival

9:50    (Christa Woodley)    Lower Columbia River survival study methods overview and juvenile salmonid condition evaluation

10:10    (John Skalski)    Results of mainstem Columbia River survival compliance studies for 2012

10:50    (James Hughes)    McNary Dam route-specific passage metrics and survival estimates of juvenile salmonids

11:10    (Rich Brown)    Evaluation of fish performance for externally JSATS-tagged subyearling chinook salmon

11:30    (Daniel Deng)    Development of an injectable micro-acoustic transmitter for fish passage evaluation
11:50    (Christa Woodley) Implantation and bio-effects assessments of injectable JSATS acoustic transmitters

12:10    (Katrina Cook)    Determination of initial inflation of the swim bladder and vulnerability to barotrauma in juvenile white sturgeon

System Survival

13:30    (Steve Smith)    PIT tag reach survival estimates

13:50    (Rich Zabel)    COMPASS model development with a focus on migration through the hydrosystem

14:10    (Rich Zabel)    Pacific Salmon Life-cycle model development


14:50    (Steve Smith)    A study to determine seasonal effects of transporting fish from the Snake River to optimize a transportation strategy

3:10    (Steve Smith)    A study to compare SARs of Snake River fall Chinook salmon under alternative transport and dam operational strategies

3:30    (Rich Zabel)    Identifying overwintering location and natal origin for Snake River fall Chinook salmon

3:50    (Matt Keefer)    A review of adult salmon and steelhead straying with an emphasis on Columbia River populations

4:10    (Peter Westley)    Salmon and steelhead straying meta-analysis: species, life history, and population-level effects

4:30    (Andy Dittman)    Evaluation of methods to reduce straying rates of barged juvenile salmonids


Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012


8:30    (Steve Corbett)    Improving adult Pacific lamprey passage at Bonneville Dam using lamprey passage structures and refuges

8:50    (Matt Keefer)    General migration and upstream passage patterns for HD-PIT-tagged adult Pacific lamprey in the lower Columbia River

9:10    (Chris Caudill)    Evaluation of lamprey behavior at lower fishway sections of Bonneville and John Day dams using DIDSON

9:30    (Chris Caudill)    Development of 3-D modeling tools to document fish passage information and prioritize improvements at lower Columbia River dams

9:50     (Chris Noyes)    Monitoring upstream movement behavior and fate of adult Pacific lamprey using JSATS telemetry

10:30     (Christopher A. Peery)    Use of non-invasive methods to evaluate Pacific lamprey counts and passage behavior at The Dalles and John Day dams

10:50 (Frank Loge)    Enumeration and evaluation of adult Pacific lamprey escapement and behavior in underwater video at McNary and Ice Harbor dams with the application of computerized imaging software (AVEDac)

11:10     (Frank Loge)    Application of DIDSON and underwater video to evaluate adult Pacific lamprey behavior and passage performance at McNary Dam south fishway entrance

11:30    (Matt Keefer)    Passage bottlenecks and prioritization planning: Highlights from the adult Pacific lamprey data synthesis project