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Archive: 2020
  • December

    Hydropower to the people: Mathematician brings energy to new position

    In the wet world of hydropower, a former math teacher has just donned a watery mantle to meet the changing demands of one of the oldest sources of energy.
  • Crowded crest in Portland confronts crafty crew of engineers, planners

    The Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus sits on a 450-foot-tall basalt-rock hill south of downtown. Marquam Hill, also known as “Pill Hill” due to the amount of medical facilities clustered on its crest, is also crowded with homes, steep slopes and daily commuters (during non-pandemic times). These steep and rocky slopes garnered ridicule for Dr. Kenneth Mackenzie when he initially proposed to build a medical school on Marquam in 1914. According to Oregon Health and Science University’s historical collections, “The land, unusable to the railroad company, came to be known as ‘Mackenzie’s Folly’ in reference to its location on an inaccessible hilltop.”
  • November

    From self-hate to self-love: An Army veteran’s journey of healing

    Whatever else Anthony Johnson could say about their military service, it at least gave them a friend who cared enough to hide Johnson’s pistol away from them at a time when Johnson might have used it to end their own life.
  • In Harm’s Way: Kyle Anderson goes above and beyond

    Kyle Anderson, a Corps' electrician at Lookout Point Dam is also a volunteer firefighter who was called into action when the Holiday Farm Wild Fire threatened his his hometown of Pleasant Hill, Oregon.
  • October

    Historic wildfires test Corps’ Willamette Valley projects

    The wildfires that closed in on the Corps’ 13-dam system in the Willamette Valley caused minor damage at four dam sites.
  • Just Another Day in Paradise

    Meet Jim Day. Based on his career history we think he may have been a fish in a previous life.