COVID Vaccination Stories

We are public servants. We work for the nation and our communities. We work for you.

We also live in these same communities, and we realize the gravity of our decisions. We are citizens of our towns and cities; we are citizens of the world.


What we do—or don’t do—impacts everyone around us.

Getting vaccinated (if medically or religiously possible) is an easy but responsible measure to help protect ourselves and others from the devastation of COVID-19.

  But there are many reasons to get the vaccine. From our community to our teammates to our children, each of us has a “why” story.

Here are some of ours:
Craig - Tribal Liaison
Some human interaction is impossible to replicate in a virtual world. That's a major hurdle when your job depends on relationships. Craig did it to return to the workplace…safely.
Garrett - Mechanical Engineer
For Garrett, there was only one way to protect society from the toll of COVID. He did it for his fellow Americans.
Elizabeth - Resource Manager
Elizabeth's 1-year-old has only known a world through the experience of lockdowns. She's ready for that to change. She did it for her family.
Jeff - Biologist
When you live in a community, you think about the impact of what you do - and what you don't do. Jeff made a choice to protect those around him.
Sharon - Hydraulic Engineer
Sharon's job is all about risk and making tough decisions. But when the risk is as high as the cost of death, the decision is easy. She did it for herself…and everyone else.
Sylvia - Park Ranger
For a decade now, Sylvia has dreamed of living in the same place as her spouse. She wants to be around long enough to see that dream come true. She did it for her husband.