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Corps of Engineers limits services at John Day Dam's Roosevelt Park

Published April 3, 2014

PORTLAND, ORE. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will limit the services available to visitors at Roosevelt Park near Roosevelt, Wash., beginning this month.


Declining budgets continue to challenge the Corps’ ability to operate remote facilities such as Roosevelt Park. As part of an overall effort to accomplish this with available resources, the Corps will change the way it provides sanitation services at the park.


The changes include providing portable toilets rather than flush toilet facilities. Three portable toilets will be provided; the number may be adjusted if situations require it. Additionally, the free shower facilities will be closed and the potable water system turned off. Visitors will need to bring in their own drinking water. The vault toilet facility at the boat ramp will continue to be maintained for visitor use.


“The Corps continues to see reductions in its recreation budget,” said Glen Smith, John Day Dam operations project manager.  “As a result, we have to make tough choices across the program to balance budget constraints with offering quality and safe recreation opportunities for our visitors.”


Smith acknowledges the changes may be challenging for some visitors.  “We ask for everyone’s understanding and support as we work to focus our efforts to ensure we offer the best visitor experiences for the greatest number of people,” he said.


Roosevelt Park is located on the north shore of the Columbia River, 66 miles east of Dallesport, Wash.  


For more information call the John Day-Willow Creek Project Natural Resource Management Office at 541-506-4807.
Diana Fredlund
John Day-Willow Creek Project Natural Resource Management Office

Release no. 14-022

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