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Jim Price, volunteer at Bonneville Lock and Dam

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Jim has volunteered for Bonneville Dam the last 9 years. He enjoys providing technical and user-friendly tours on electricity to visitors, typically leading six tours weekly. Jim explains technical elements by minimizing jargon, conveying information in a way that helps people better understand and appreciate their Bonneville experience.


Jim thinks volunteering at Bonneville Dam provides a perfect opportunity to use his background as a professional engineer to highlight the US Army Corps of Engineers and its hydropower benefits. He was inspired to become an engineer when he visited Hoover Dam at the age of 8. The dam impressed him so much that he became an electrical engineer. Jim hopes his knowledge and passion about electricity will inspire others to become engineers.


One of Jim's favorite aspects of volunteering is the interaction with visitors and staff. He enjoys seeing the enthusiasm visitors reflect when he speaks to them and shares his knowledge. Sometimes Jim can be found educating the staff on various aspects of electricity and other forms of power generation.


Jim's service streak runs deep; he served 15 years as a volunteer fireman in California. He actually pulled someone from a fire and received the Valor Award from the California State Fireman Association. Price is also an amateur ham radio operator and has volunteered with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. He volunteered in Operation Deep Water Horizon an oil spill cleanup in Mississippi in 2010.


Jim is a respected volunteer at Bonneville Lock and Dam. His knowledge, friendliness, and passion for electricity are infectious; the staff appreciates all he does.


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