Junior Ranger Program & Activities
Portland District Junior Ranger Activity Book

Become a Junior Ranger when you bring this completed activity book to Bonneville Lock & Dam! Present your completed book to the front desk at the Washington Shore Visitor Center or Bradford Island Visitor Center to earn your Junior Ranger patch or badge.

Follow the salmon symbols on the inside front page to complete the pages for your age group: Alevin (Ages 5-8), Smolt (Ages 9-12), or Adult (Age 13 and up).

Bonneville Lock & Dam Word Search

Find some of the amazing animals, people, and machines that you will see when you visit Bonneville Lock & Dam.

The Great Outdoors Fun Book

Become an Outdoors Hero! Color away in this super-fun book about camping, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities. Learn how you can help protect plants and animals while being safe outdoors and in the water. Inside you'll find engaging picture searches, color by number wildflowers, a recycle maze and more.

Junior Safety Ranger Hat

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Park Rangers protect our natural resources. Make your own Junior Safety Ranger hat with this template!

Bobber • The Water Safety Dog

Did you know that there are many more ways to be safe in the water in addition to wearing a life jacket? Join Bobber the Water Safety Dog and his friends on adventures inside this fun book!