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Winter lockage schedule begins Sept. 16

Published Sept. 15, 2014

PORTLAND, ORE. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers begins its winter recreational vessel lock schedule for its Columbia River dams Sept. 16.  Recreational vessels may lock through on request during daylight hours only.  The winter lock schedule will continue through May 14, 2015 at the following Portland District locks:

Bonneville Lock and Dam at Columbia River Mile 145
The Dalles Lock and Dam at Columbia River Mile 191
John Day Lock and Dam at Columbia River Mile 216

Commercial vessels will have lockage precedence over recreational vessels.  At the discretion of the lock operator, recreational vessels may be allowed to lock through with commercial vessels.

Everyone on the vessel must wear a personal flotation device during lockages.  All vessel owners/operators lock through at their own risk, and must follow instructions from the lock operator when using the locks or when operating in the vicinity of the locks.  The lock operator has final authority on the suitability of a craft for lockage.  For more information on safe lockage practices, please read “How to lock through,” at

Vessel owner/operators requesting lockage should contact the lock operator on duty using Marine Channel 14 or the following commercial telephone numbers:

Bonneville Lock and Dam  Chief operator on duty  541-374-8323
The Dalles Lock and Dam  Chief operator on duty  541-298-4007
John Day Lock and Dam  Chief operator on duty  541-298-9712

For additional information on recreational vessel schedules or copies of the Safe Lockage Procedures, please visit the web site at:

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Diana J. Fredlund

Release no. 14-0542