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Permit Application Project Drawings

Portland District
Published July 1, 2016

Public Notice
Permit Application Project Drawings

Issue Date: July 1, 2016

In recent months, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District, Regulatory Branch (Corps) has been receiving permit applications with project drawings that do not meet Corps requirements. Permit applications submitted with unacceptable drawings (e.g., illegible, omissions, incorrect format) will delay the processing of the application. Clear and accurate project drawings facilitate the prompt evaluation of the application. This public notice and the attached Drawing Checklist describes the requirements for project drawings.

The Corps’ regulations at 33 CFR Part 325.1(d) and Part 325.3 outline contents for a complete standard permit application and the information required to issue a Public Notice for the application. 33 CFR 325.1(d) states “the application must include a complete description of the proposed activity including necessary drawings, sketches, or plans sufficient for public notice (detailed engineering plans and specifications are not required)”. Drawings in this format should also be submitted with applications for Nationwide Permits.

The general guidelines for project drawings are as follows:
1) Drawings must be on 8 ½- by 11-inch paper.
2) Drawings must be in black and white or reproducible in black and white.
3) Drawings must include a vicinity map or maps with two views: a) where the project is in the state and b) and the location in relation to landmarks, streets or other points of reference near the site.
4) Drawings must be to scale. Use a graphic scale.
5) Drawings must clearly show the project area(s) with clear project boundaries.
6) Drawings must have a North arrow, as appropriate.
7) Drawings should clearly distinguish between existing and proposed conditions.

More detailed information is provided in the attached Drawing Checklist. This checklist will be used when reviewing applications. Permit applications will be deemed incomplete if the drawings provided do not meet all the requirements.

For expeditious processing of your permit application submittal, please adhere to the following: 
1) Do not use binding or laminating techniques other than paper clips or binder clips.
2) Confirm the drawings are legible and the maps clearly identify the project location.
3) Use either all double-sided or all single-sided paper (double-sided is preferable). Please do not mix single-sided and double-sided throughout your submittal.
4) The submittal package should be entirely on 8 ½- by 11-inch paper.

Submitting clear and accurate permit application drawings will reduce the need for the Corps to request revisions, resulting in timely permit processing. The maps, drawings, and other figures are included in our public notices, and they must illustrate the project in sufficient detail at the specified paper size. Finally, if a permit is issued, it will include the project maps, drawings, and figures, which will be incorporated in the permit by reference. Permittees are required to implement the project in accordance with the approved drawings. Complete and accurate project drawings ensures the Corps and permittee have a clear and shared understanding of the authorize work and thus reduces permit non-compliance issues.

Printer-friendly pdf versions of this document and enclosure are available below:
NWP Permit Application Project Drawings Public Notice
Enclosure - Permit Applications Drawing Checklist