The Willamette Falls Locks disposition study and environmental assessment has been published. View it here.
Willamette Falls Locks is closed to public access: The Corps changed the status of the Willamette Falls Locks in 2011 from a "caretaker status" to a "non-operational status."

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Willamette Falls project data

Total length 3,565 ft 1086.6 m
Lock length (each) 210 ft 64 m
    width 40 ft 12.2 m
Max. lift--lock 1 20.5 ft 6.25 m
Max. lift--lock 2 10.6 ft 3.23 m
Max. lift--lock 3 10 ft 3.05 m
Max. lift--lock 4 9.3 ft 2.83 m
Size: (gate 1) 20 ft. x 30.5 ft.
Size: (gates 2-7) 20 ft. x 20 ft.
*National Geodetic Vertical Datum
(Mean Sea Level)

Willamette Falls Locks

The historic Willamette Falls Locks are located on the west bank of the Willamette River in West Linn, Oregon. They were built in the early 1870s to move river traffic around the 40-foot horseshoe-shaped basalt ridge between Oregon City and West Linn.

The locks opened on New Year's Day in 1873 and were operated by a number of owners before the Corps purchased them in 1915 from Portland Railway Light and Power Company for $375,000. The locks were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. They have been in non-operational status since December 2011.

Draft Willamette Falls Locks Integrated Disposition Study and Environmental Assessment

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comment on its draft Integrated Disposition Study and Environmental Assessment for de-authorization and disposal of the Willamette Falls Locks.

The Corps proposes to recommend Congressional de-authorization and disposal of the Willamette Falls Locks after performing minor modification for seismic retrofits and to install perimeter fencing, and debris and boat barriers.

The disposition study is an effort to identify necessary actions to prepare the facility for disposal and to develop a preliminary opinion regarding the marketability of the project. As part of the Corps’ analysis, it has accounted for known stakeholder interests, local opportunities and the capability of potential lock users.

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Willamette Falls Locks area map