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Posted 10/1/2018

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The Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is made up of many dedicated professionals. We are engineers, of course, but we are also biologists, natural resource specialists, accountants, communications specialists and more.

Jesse Brownlee
Natural resource Manager, Rogue River Project
Amy Lynn
Hydraulic Engineer
Doug Garletts
Willamette Valley Fisheries Biologist
Marissa Smith
Cost Accountant
Chad Helms
Willamette Valley Fisheries Biologist
Chris Motti
Engineer in Training
Christie Johnson
Natural Resources Specialist
Laurie Lane
Painter-Crew Supervisor, Bonneville Project
Tami Schroeder
Park Manager
Scott Hull
Portland Civilian Personnel Advisory Center Director
Greg Taylor
Willamette Valley Project Fisheries Biologist
Lindsey Roth
Mechanical Engineer
Tom Voldbaek
Foster Dam Operations & Maintenance Manager
Salina Hart
Reservoir Regulation & Water Quality Section Chief
Cameron Bishop
Natural Resources Specialist, Willamette Valley Project
Kerry Solan
Public Affairs Chief
Yamen Hoque
Reservoir Regulator
Kenji Yamasaki
Geotechnical Engineer