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Posted 10/27/2017

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By Tom Conning, Public Affairs Office

We asked Portland District biologists to give their unique perspective on Halloween monsters. Here are some of their thoughts.

Tammy Mackey
Fish Section Chief

Monster pet peeve: Zombies. One, they scare the bejesus out of me because they can run fast and sometimes they just move slow. And that seems really irritating.

Most plausible Halloween monster: Werewolves would be more plausible than vampires. We do have salmon that transform from freshwater creatures to saltwater creatures and then back again. So transforming your body isn’t totally unheard of. And werewolves are just pretty much getting hairy and big teeth and claws and then going back to human form..

Sean Tackley
Fish Biologist

Monster pet peeve: It seems to me that these villagers and local authorities should be ditching the pitchforks and instead, using the latest scientific tools and processes, trying to really understand these creatures, these so-called monsters. Who knows, the Blob could be a good food source.

Most plausible Halloween monster: The most plausible type would be the diseased-type monsters. Who knows, we could be just months away from the next zombie apocalypse.

Kate Wells
Environmental Resource Specialist & Marine Scientist

Monster pet peeve: I haven’t seen Sharknado in a long time but the bits and pieces that I’ve seen; the behavior that’s depicted in the movie isn’t quite accurate. It usually isn’t in most shark movies. I go to them and pick out the inaccuracies in them.

Most plausible Halloween monster: There are human transferable diseases and zoogenous diseases that are transferred from animals to humans that can cause interesting and probably very similar effects to zombies, what happens in the zombie-world.