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Posted 1/11/2019

Release no. 19-001

Lauren Bennett

The Corps Foundation is creating a history book about the Corps of Engineers' Natural Resource Management (NRM) program. To create this book, they need stories from current, former and retired rangers, as well as other NRM staff. We're excited about this publication, and we urge all NRM friends and colleagues to send in stories of unique experiences serving as Corps Rangers. 

Current, former and retired rangers (and other NRM staff) are encouraged to share stories on topics such as:

•             Job with the Corps of Engineers

•             Accomplishments

•             Contributions to Corps NRM / Ranger history

•             Challenges

•             Successes

•             Growing pains, triumphs and memories

•             Funny stories

•             Photographs

•             Other

Deadline for submissions: Please submit entries to Pat Barry, jpatbarry@hotmail.com, by March 31, 2019. Include “Corps History Book” in the email subject line. Please submit your contributions in a Word document using Palatino Linotype, font size 12.

**If you currently work for the Corps of Engineers, please send all submissions to Lauren Bennett in the Public Affairs Office, lauren.e.bennett@usace.army.mil, by March 1, 2019 to allow enough time for PAO review. PAO will make necessary edits and forward submissions to Pat Berry by March 31.

We welcome contributions from friends and family members about deceased former employees.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to share your role in the history of the NRM program. For more information about the Corps History book, visit the Park Ranger History Book Call for Submissions

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