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Regulatory Program Notices

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Electronic Submittals

Portland District
Published June 30, 2020

Electronic Submittals

Point of Contact: Carrie Bond
Phone: (503) 808-4387
Email: Carrie.L.Bond@usace.army.mil
Issue Date: June 30, 2020

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), Portland District, Regulatory Branch has been accepting permit applications electronically since August 2016 for all counties in Oregon and for those ports in Washington that obtain permits from the Portland District.

Update - Electronic Submittals (For Files >20 MB)
The Corps requests that you contact your county Project Manager (PM) at the link below to submit files larger than 20 MB to the Portland District, Regulatory Branch. We will send you a link to use our file exchange site. If you do submit files larger than 20 MB, you should follow up with the PM to ensure the files were submitted successfully.

Reminder - Process for Electronic Submittals (For Files <20 MB)
Please email your permit applications, permit modification requests, and jurisdictional determination requests (with wetland delineations) to the following email address: PortlandPermits@usace.army.mil. All documents should be formatted as Adobe Acrobat PDF files (except for Excel files that cannot easily be converted to PDF). You will receive a receipt notification email with the project number and the PM assigned to your project. Once a PM is assigned, you may email additional items directly to the assigned PM, or follow the instructions above for files larger than 20 MB.

If you do not receive a receipt notification email after 5 working days from the date of your electronic permit application submission, please contact your county PM.

You can find contact information for your county PM on the map at this link: http://www.nwp.usace.army.mil/Missions/Regulatory/Contact.aspx