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Tag: recreation
  • August

    Building Bridges

    You don’t have to be an engineer to build bridges. Patti Williams’ 34-year career connecting park and employee needs to available resources - and sometimes unavailable resources - is a testament to that.
  • July

    Fate and flows: Oregon native keeps water moving through state

    PORTLAND, Ore. -- Salina Hart dreams about water. It makes sense: she grew up on the water, and often went tubing down the local Clackamas River, the North Santiam and the Long Tom. Even after the massive local floods of 1996 swelled the river, inundated her home and took out most of her neighborhood, she still loved water.
  • May

    Corps prepares for dry year in Rogue River Basin

    Chuck Grady, Rogue River Basin Project operations project manager, speaks to current water conditions, potential impacts and related challenges.
  • April

    Corps begins "delicate dance" as possibility of drought looms

    Erik Petersen, Willamette Valley Project operations project manager, speaks to current conditions, potential impacts and related challenges throughout the Valley.
  • September

    Portland District prepares for Apoc-eclipse, sees minimal impacts

    PORTLAND, Ore. — The recent celestial phenomenon, which passed through Oregon Aug. 21 spread a shadow over more than just the state. The solar eclipse also cast a pall on local, state and federal agencies due to the expected massive influx of visitors to the area. Because of this, government agencies expended energy, time and money to plan for potential emergencies, traffic jams and safety issues. Portland District was no different.
  • June

    Rangers Join Colleagues to Ready for the Recreation Season

    In preparation for the recreation seasons, more than 350 park rangers, natural resource managers and environmental compliance coordinators gathered in Norman, Okl. For the first time in seven years, they had the opportunity to engage colleagues from across the Corps to strengthen and develop technical competencies, foster learning opportunities, and build strong communities of practice.