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Jess Dam / Lost Creek Lake

This fact sheet presents bulleted information about William L. Jess Dam and Lost Creek Lake, a project of the Rogue River Project. [Read More]
Published: Sep-17-13

Cougar Dam Adult Fish Collection Facility

The Corps recently completed construction of a permanent adult fish collection facility on the South Fork McKenzie River. [Read More]
Published: Sep-15-13

Minto Fish Collection Facility Rebuild

Facts about the Minto Fish Collection Facility rebuild; Minto was originally constructed to help mitigate for the natural spawning and rearing habitat blocked or inundated by the construction of Detroit and Big Cliff dams. [Read More]
Published: May-09-13

Mount St. Helens: Grade building structures pilot project

Today, sediment from the Mount St. Helens debris avalanche continues to cause flooding concerns to residents of Castle Rock, Kelso, Lexington and Longview, Wash. [Read More]
Published: Dec-11-12

Mount St. Helens: Sediment management measures

The Corps is developing a long-term sediment management system designed to limit the amount of sediment flowing into the Toutle, Cowlitz and Columbia rivers. [Read More]
Published: Dec-11-12
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