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Posted 10/2/2012

Release no. 12-053

PORTLAND, ORE. – Columbia River water levels upstream of the John Day Dam may increase by as much as 2.5 feet during October to provide additional storage for power generation and river operations, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced. 

Water levels during October could vary between 262.5 feet and 266.5 feet, as measured at the dam. 

The Corps normally manages water levels behind the John Day dam between 262.5 feet and 268.0 feet.  All water levels are measured at the dam, which means actual water levels may vary at specific points along the shore.  October operating levels are usually higher than those between April and September, which are kept lower to help juvenile fish migrating to the ocean. 

If facilities or infrastructure located near the Columbia River between John Day and McNary dams experience significant adverse impacts due to the higher operating range, owners are encouraged to report impacts to the Corps’ Reservoir Control Center at (503) 808-3942.

The Corps is authorized to fill the section of the Columbia River behind the John Day Dam to its maximum level of 268 feet, or draft lower than its minimum level of 262.5 feet at any time during the year in support of flood damage reduction efforts, as needed.

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