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Rotating gif featuring images from "Work for USACE" video The Applicant Notification System Web-Enabled Response tool allows users to create and review resumes, track applications, view self-nominations and supplemental data in the Resumix database at: https://cpolst.belvoir.army.mil/


Watch our employment video "Work for USACE" (pictured to the right).


Portland District's jobs are on the Army Civilian Personnel website: http://acpol.army.mil/employment/ or http://armycivilianservice.com and on the USAJOBS website at http://usajobs.gov/


Click here to learn about the first 30 days, or watch new employee orientation at: https://www.abc.army.mil/NewEmployee/NewEmployeeOrientation.htm

Our Equal Opportunity mission

Providing technical and professional advice to Portland District management and employees, in accordance with Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended) and all applicable EEO regulatory guidance, safeguarding the workplace and its employees from discrimination based on sex, race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, reprisal or disability.

The duties of the Equal Opportunity Office are:
  • Serve as the District Commander's primary advisor on EEO / Affirmative Employment.
  • Manage Army complaints processing system.
  • Provide EEO-related training.
  • Lead & guide via Special Emphasis programs.
  • Plan, develop & monitor Portland District's Affirmative Employment Plan.


It is our commitment to administer an Equal Employment Opportunity program which creates and sustains a discrimination-free workplace

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Scott Hull, director

503-808-4553  / 4557
Fax: 503-808-4555 



Mailing address:

USACE, Portland District Civilian Personnel Assistance Office
333 SW First Ave.
Portland, OR  97204-2946

LaMar Williams, Equal Employment Opportunity Manager


Mary Bretz, Equal Employment Asst.